What soup?

Apparently some folks thought there was going to be soup here. No soup. Only suffering. A suffering soup perhaps? Who can say. What I do know is there is certainly no actual honest to God soup present at this time.

And that bums me out.

This shouldn't surprise you

But there's folks out there that find this picture pretty freaking cute. I mean no one has said as much to me and this is all speculation but it seems like she is about to boop your snoot. With a snoot booping paintbrush. You can't see them but she has a bunch of tails.


I just don't have any more random rumors to spread about Santana. This is to advertise her prints though which I suppose I should mention at some point, huh? Oh look at her widdle face. I wonder how comfortable that spandex is. I'm sure the spandex is fine but those Shadow shoes. Omg.

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