Costume Contest

Costume Contest

:O COSPLAY CONTEST?? WHAT? That’s right! I love seeing people’s cosplays and I thought since I’m getting close to 20K, this would be a fun way to celebrate and to give back to you guys!

✨ So I’m hosting a cosplay contest! ✨ There will be two winners.🎉 One chosen by how many likes their photo can get, another will be “judge’s choice.” The first winner will get a💲100 dollar Amazon gift card, the “judge’s choice” winner will get a mystery goodie bag! 👻Your cosplay photo must be emailed to by October 12th. So submitting for this contest starts now!

⚠ Rules are simple: No nudes. >_> Nothing that will scar children as this contest is open for any age to enter! Only 1 cosplay photo may be permitted per entry, so choose your very best one! 😀 When you email me your photo, please put in the subject, “Cosplay Contest” and inside the email, make sure to include your Name, who you are cosplaying, what they’re from, and anything you’d like to add as part of the Description.

💪 I will create an album for the cosplay contest and upload all of the photos where people can like your photo and help you win the contest! You can share your photo around and ensure you get the most likes out of your friends and family! ;D Remember, the photo with the most likes wins! Just make sure that your friends and family “like” the original post!

On the 13th of October, entries will go live and that’s when the voting/liking begins. We will narrow the entries down to the top 5 on October 26th and announce the two winners on November 2nd! May the odds ever be in your favor!

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